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Dantzaka Zirko Espazioa is a new project in the central neighborhood of San Francisco, it is a space for the training and creation of dance, circus and the performing arts in general, seeking to involucrate, all audiences and all ages. At the same time wanting to get involved in the work for and for the neighborhood.

These disciplines will be merged in this space, to create a unique and open space based on the training and creation of performing arts, apart from fostering a creative space for and by the family in the San Francisco neighborhood.

A space for training, creating, rehearsing, and representing the performing arts, which is part of the network of creative spaces in the neighborhood and professional associations of circus and the federation of circus schools nationwide.

“I think you learn by practicing, whether you learn to dance by dancing, or learn to live by living”

Our space

Our team

Gloria Peón


Gloria Peon, trained in the circus for more than 15 years, known as a multifaceted artist, passionate pedagogue, although her career as a circus teacher began many years ago, she started her own personal s school project, 4 years ago, Dantzaka zirko.
Known as La Glo and after more than ten years teaching circus classes, especially aerial acrobatics, she starts with this project to feel that she can give it a more personalized stamp and thus be able to continue transmitting her art with more schedules and more diversity in the ages of training , as well as being able to offer a space with very good conditions to rehearse and train circus and aerial acrobatics and where also to teach yoga and acroyoga, another of the disciplines that he has studied in the last 5 years.

Natalia Suárez


Natalia Suárez Ortiz de Zárate graduated in Art from the UPV, belongs to the performing arts collective Tripak and combines his artistic practice with aerial acrobatics (especially cloth and fixed trapeze), which he has been practicing since 2011. He has gone through several schools; BaiCircus School (Vitoria-Gasteiz), Karola (Bilbo), Chapitô (Lisbon), Teantro Artist School (Vitoria-Gasteiz) and Dantzaka Zirko Espazio (Bilbo), where he continues to train.

Kattalin Barcena


Kattalin Barcena Guarrotxena is a Graduate in Fine Arts, and is part of the JMartina music group. He began training in aerial acrobatics (fabric, trapeze and hoop) in 2014 at Karola Zirko Eskola (Bilbo) and since then he has continued his training at Dantzaka Zirko Espazioa (Bilbo), where he currently teaches classes.

Amaia Uriarte


My name is Amaia. I have always been an active and sportive person. The desire to understand how the world works pushed me to graduate in Physics, as well as the idea of ​​understanding not only the environment that surrounds me, but also my own interior, led me to practice disciplines such as acroyoga or verticals. The union of these two aspects, on the one hand the understanding of the theory of forces and on the other, the development of proprioception, give me the opportunity to understand the roots of acroyoga and have a complete vision of it. I see acroyoga as a tool capable of connecting people through care and respect. I have been practicing acroyoga since 2017 and I have recently course the Acroyoga Teacher Training in Valencia with AcroyogaPrem.

Verónica Aracena


From the city of San Juan, Argentina. He began practicing aerial acrobatics in 2012, in “Allegra, space for flights” while studying architecture.
After graduating in 2015, he started her tour. sHe has taught in Mexico, in a Cultural Center and in Germany in parks. When she returned to his province she gave classes in “Jelú, artistic educational complex” at the same time participated in “Kubo” children’s events, where she interacted on birthdays teaching acrobatics. Currently installed in Bilbao, it participates in Dantzaka Zirko Espazioa.

Atic H.Deba


He comes from physical theater (RESAD) complemented with training in floor and vertical acrobatics (Carampa workshops) and a master’s degree in research and creation (Codarts + Fontys). He investigates from the movement to find how the technique can be used in an expressive and scenic way.

Ioar Fernández


Dancer, Professional Choreographer and Teacher Training in dance, circus and theater. Graduated in Dance from the Jose Uruñuela Conservatory. He moved to Barcelona in 2004 to continue his studies of classical, neoclassical, contemporary and contact. Knowledge of Vertical Dance, Hiphop, Mime, Acrobatics, Trapeze, Fabrics, Contortion, Tai ChiYoga, Acro yoga, Aero yoga, Pilates. He is a member of Cía Markeliñe with the show “EURIA”. He created his own company in 2008 “Cía Shimmala Dance / Theater” with the idea of ​​trying to bring his own artistic language to the stage. As a dancer she collaborates with different companies.