From dantzaka Zirko, we are creating this platform to be able to offer online training. As a result of the covid, and our passion for training, we did not want to stop doing training and we kept the classes online.

We continue to offer these classes individually or in groups.
The classes last an hour and a half, and are for warm-ups, stretching and specific physical preparation for the circus.

Course of rigging aerial devices in trees

This course is a recorded video of the classes that we have been taking this summer. In this course, the different ways of mounting on trees are explained, without material, with material, to do it quickly, to leave for a long time, to mount several times, and always to do it safely. We also review and use the necessary material to carry it out in the safest and most efficient way.

Rigging at home

Online course of basic knowledge of aerial rigging at home.